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Rent a holiday cottage, apartment, chalet, log cabin or house.

holiday parks

Holiday parks

Holiday accommodation with leisure facilities, shops and other amenities and entertainment.


Traditionally the cheapest most basic form of holiday accommodation. Kids love it .

Ready made camping holidays
ready made camping holidays








Ready made camping holidays are the very easy option when it it comes to camping. Holidaymakers do not need to worry about a tent, sleeping bags or cooking equipment, everything is provided, set up and ready to use. There are various companies that specialise in this form of instant camping, both in the UK and abroad. Real beds are often provided rather than inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags.

It save all the hassle of packing camping equipment and cleaning and storing it later.

Children may enjoy the experience of erecting a tent and hammering in pegs but ready-made camping is so much easier on the parents.

The very worst scenario when camping is to arrive at your destination in a heavy downpour and then try to figure out how to erect a tent. Some modern tents are self-erecting which sounds brilliant.

A new form of luxury camping is also emerging on the market. This is called glamping and offers luxurious bedrooms inside tents. Sometimes these are themed and resemble a Bedouin hideaway or something equally exotic but without any camels. Such romantic notions have a certain unforgettable appeal. It could catch on.

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