Cheap Holidays and Breaks


Cheap Holidays

Self catering breaks

Rent a holiday cottage, apartment, chalet, log cabin or house.

holiday parks

Holiday parks

Holiday accommodation with leisure facilities, shops and other amenities and entertainment.


Traditionally the cheapest most basic form of holiday accommodation. Kids love it .

Making holiday money go further

We all want to obtain the maximum value from our holiday money and the best way to do this is to book carefully and avoid the usual pitfalls.

Positive money saving suggestions

Club together with friends to help spread the cost of accommodation. Rent a cottage, villa or apartment to share with friends to reduce accommodation costs. Holiday rentals can work out much cheaper than hotel and offer a great deal more space and security. You don't necessarily have to cook for yourself in a holiday rental. There is always the option of eating out, of stocking up your fridge with beer and wine for nights in. All choice regarding catering are yours and you personally control the quality and cost.



Save money by double checking any details when booking flights. Certain airlines charge a large, in our opinion, extortionate fee, for editing flight bookings to correct mistakes. Make a typing mistake in a name and it could cost you dearly. A small percentage of airlines force you to pay for a completely new ticket. Booking flights should carry a big BEWARE TYPOS and incorrect data warning. ALWAYS read their terms and conditions and prices regarding changes before making that booking, otherwise it could ruin your holiday.

Check the size of your baggage

Airlines have tightened up rules on baggage sizes and weights. Step outside the guidelines and the costs mount up.


Book ahead for the best choice of holidays, hotel rooms and fares.

The price of flights varies depending on which airport you fly from. For most of us the additional time spent travelling to the airport, and price of travel, outweighs any reduction in the price of the flights. Occasionally special deals are offered to promote new routs from a certain minor airport. These may be a wise choice depending on how much extra hassle you want in life.

Pros and cons of pre-paid cash cards

A cash card in a particular foreign currency is a convenient way of paying for goods and service during a holiday abroad. The exchange rate is fixed at the time of loading credit onto your card. This can work for you or against you depending on currency fluctuations. Often a better exchange rate is obtained locally abroad, so taking cash may be a security risk but may also count in your favour. The places where you can use your cash card may be limited depending on destination.


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