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Cheap Holidays

Self catering breaks

Rent a holiday cottage, apartment, chalet, log cabin or house.

holiday parks

Holiday parks

Holiday accommodation with leisure facilities, shops and other amenities and entertainment.


Traditionally the cheapest most basic form of holiday accommodation. Kids love it .

Holiday suggestions for cheap holidays
holiday suggestions

Thinking about where you can go on holiday this year?

Most of us are worse off or expecting to have less money to spend on a holiday.

We could always stay at home and do the things we would normally do on holiday such as read, go to see shows, eat out more often.

An old proverb states: "No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell. "

The important thing is that you stay within your budget. Don't be tempted to spend more than you can afford or it could be a holiday you remember with regret. That's one of the reasons the western world is in the dire financial straits it now finds itself in.

Now may be the time to try something completely different on holiday. Nature and the great outdoors are free as long as you don't want to indulge in expensive sports. Perhaps you haven't ever been on a walking holiday with friends? Walking a long distance trail can be great fun, you will see lots of wildlife and good scenery. You might even make a few new friends en-route. Try contacting your local walking club and find out how cheap a walking holiday really can be.

If you travel to Scotland or Ireland, you can still encounter a different culture and way of life. The wildlife will be superb and if you live in the UK, it won't be that expensive to get there.

The factors that contribute to the cost of a holiday are:

  • travel
  • accommodation
  • food and drink
  • clothing and protective equipment
  • insurance

Try to keep these costs to a minimum and a cheap holiday deals can be yours. You may also be interested in taking a look at cheap family holidays for a few low cost suggestions.