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Rent a holiday cottage, apartment, chalet, log cabin or house.

holiday parks

Holiday parks

Holiday accommodation with leisure facilities, shops and other amenities and entertainment.


Traditionally the cheapest most basic form of holiday accommodation. Kids love it .

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Cheaper self catering holiday in Ireland

It pays to be aware that cheaper family self-catering holidays can be found by selecting cheaper destinations. Holiday rental rates are linked to the price of property in an area. If you hope to stay in any major city or a national park, the price of your holiday will be higher because of the higher overheads of any holiday accommodation.

Holiday destinations affect prices


Coastal areas also tend to be more expensive than a few miles inland. People with a car may not mind staying in a cottage that is three miles outside a seaside resort and driving to the beach. Your cottage may have the benefit of rural tranquillity which could appeal.

Holiday cottages are much cheaper in Ireland, Scotland and Wales than in most parts of England. We donít necessarily make decisions based on the cheapest places to stay but knowing this can help us compare prices and come to a compromise or to consider a different holiday destination that we would never have thought of.

irish holiday cottages for cheaper family  breaks

Are you a sheep when it comes to holidays?


People are like sheep and tend to choose a holiday because their friends have been there or because it appears in a brochure. We buy holidays off the shelf and only a minority actually think about what will make them happy, the things that they hope to do and then choose a holiday destination.

For example, pony trekking could be a pleasant experience on holiday, however, because insurance rates have become so high in England, there are very few such holidays available. The same case does not apply to Ireland where it is much cheaper to find a self-catering break with horse riding.

More of the same or an adventure?


Researching a new holiday destination does take a little work. It means that you can compare places according to your interests. Going on holiday to a new place is a little more of an adventure, especially if you are going to be doing something different.

Have your family tried any of the following activities: wind surfing, surfing, fishing, sailing, kayaking? Do you think that they might enjoy them? There are numerous coastal places and lakes where this type of activity holiday is possible throughout Britain and Ireland. Life becomes more exciting if you expand your horizons and you will find that holidays in Ireland and Britain offer much more than you originally thought.

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