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Cheap holiday to Greece
cheap holiday to Greece

Greece is a wonderful country to visit for a holiday, making it cheap is a bit more of a challenge because at the time of writing, Greece still has the Euro.

Despite that, it pays to know what is cheap and what is expensive in Greece so that you can plan and budget carefully.

Fresh food; meat, fruit and vegetables, especially if purchased from local markets is still inexpensive in Greece and have a better taste than in Britain. Wine is reasonably priced in supermarkets but can cost a great deal more if bought with dinner in a restaurant or hotel.

The way to obtain a cheap holiday to Greece is to:


  • travel outside school holidays for the cheapest flights and book far ahead. If travelling from the UK, Easyjet and Aegean Airlines offer good prices. Olympic Airways and BA are more expensive.
  • Rent self-catering accommodation so that you can eat in and take advantage of those cheap fresh food prices. If you want to tour, hire a camper van or go camping. There are plenty of camp sites and the weather is superb, sunny and dry between May and October.
  • Take essential processed foods with you such as muesli or cereals. Processed food is expensive in Greece - try to stick to a healthy diet of meals prepared from scratch.

People go to Greece for beaches and sunshine or for the cultural sites such as Delphi or Olympia, or perhaps both. Beaches are free unless you need to book sun beds. Remember to take that beach towel to avoid that cost. The entry fee to museums is reasonable.

Comparing prices:


If travelling around Greece by hire car, petrol is as expensive as Britain. It is usually possible to find free parking outside Athens.

Train travel and public transport generally is very cheap in Greece and may be your preferred option. Remember that the weather is extremely hot in mid summer and you may not feel too active.

Eating out in Greece

A coffee in certain coffee shops may cost you 4 to 5 Euros which is why self-catering is a good choice for a Greek holiday. Bottled water is sold at a low price of about 50 cents by law. Take a water bottle with you to fill up at your accommodation. You will need it on hot days.

Taverna meals are generally more expensive for equivalent dishes than in the UK. Ice creams are extortionate, bread is more expensive.


Toiletries purchased in supermarkets are much the same across Europe.

Adequate travel insurance is essential for holidays to Greece

It is important to be adequately covered for medical emergencies in Greece. An E111 will cover you for basic treatment in a Greek hospital and travel insurance is necessary to take care of the rest. Don't take any risks with medical care, it simply is not worth it and hospitals will not treat you if you arrive without the correct documents.

If you are on a budget it may worth considering a cheaper holiday destination. Greece may be wonderful but so is Croatia with its lengthy coastline and hundreds of small islands off the coast.


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