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Holiday parks

Holiday accommodation with leisure facilities, shops and other amenities and entertainment.


Traditionally the cheapest most basic form of holiday accommodation. Kids love it .

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Package holidays are a popular and established method of taking a holiday. Once you have booked and paid for your holiday, the tour operator deals with transportation and transfers to your holiday accommodation. Itís an easy option and because they are dealing with bulk sales, it can also be a reasonably priced option.

Depending on the holiday destination, train or coach travel may be the method of getting you to your destination.


coach holidaysCoach holidays are popular among the elderly who prefer not to, or cannot walk very far. Costs are lower than holidays involving flights.

There is a large number of short breaks available in the UK to popular destinations such as city breaks to York, London, Bath, Edinburgh. Trips are also based around events: New Year, Easter, bank holidays, festivals, shows and local traditions. Accommodation is usually in hotels.

Coach holidays are not limited to the UK, there is a good choice to various destinations in Europe. There is a limit to the amount of time anyone can tolerate on a coach which limits the final destination.

Holidays entailing train or flights offer a much greater range of destinations at a higher price.

A package holiday suits many families and older people because all the work and organisation is done for you. All you have to do is to ensure that have travel insurance and turn up at the set time.

Package tours abroad are often cheaper because tour operators negotiate bulk discounts and can benefit from very cheap air travel that is not offered to individual consumers. It is also much less hassle than arranging your own holiday and transfers. If planes are delayed or anything else goes wrong, the tour operator is on hand to solve your problems.

All-inclusive holidays

All-inclusive holidays are popular because we know where we stand, or think we do, regarding the price of our holiday. Most all-inclusive deals do have extra costs so do try to check the details. These may be:

Payment for meals at an a la carte restaurant in a holiday complex
Payment for certain brands of wine, spirits and beer
Service charges, gratuities
Payment for beach towels

All-inclusive deals are not necessarily the best choice for all destinations. We would recommend all-inclusive for Caribbean holidays where eating out in independent restaurants can be extremely expensive and subject to distortion. The same applies to any country where the price changes according to your nationality.


It would be a pity to limit oneself to all-inclusive in countries such as Thailand or Turkey where eating out is relatively inexpensive and there is a vast choice of eateries from street vendors to posh restaurants. The cuisine of both these countries is excellent and it would be a great pity not to try a wide variety of dishes.

The other reason not to opt for all-inclusive is if you are the type of person who always hires a car to tour your destination and plan to spend a fair bit of time away from your hotel. Why pay for meals, drinks and services that you are not going to use? And why limit yourself to the confines of a resort when there are so many fabulous spots to visit and see. One of the joys of a Greek holiday is to eat in a different taverna every night.

More low budget self-catering holiday options include in order of cheapest to most expensive:

Holidays with relatives in another location
House swaps
Cheap camping holidays
Camper van holidays
Self catering holiday lettings
Holiday parks
Cheap holiday package deals