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Holiday parks

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Traditionally the cheapest most basic form of holiday accommodation. Kids love it .

Cheap holiday in Cornwall
cheap holiday in Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the most favoured holiday destinations in England for a seaside holiday during the summer. All those lovely beaches and secluded coves are a major attraction, especially for families. It is true that children will play happily in the sand for hours, which does not cost anything.

The big difficulty that families with school age children experience each year is the peak price that is charged for accommodation in the school summer holidays. The problem with B&Bs and even hotels for families is that it is difficult to stay in your room all day if you need to, and let's face it, children are sometimes unwell.

A far better option for family holidays in Cornwall is to go camping, stay in a caravan or rent a holiday cottage or flat. All these forms of holiday accommodation allow you and your family space and privacy to behave normally. Take a look at our suggestions for cheap family holidays, they may help you make a better choice.

How to obtain a cheap holiday in Cornwall:


  • Shop around for accommodation or go camping, kids really enjoy the whole camping and outdoors experience.
  • Consider a youth hostel
  • Avoid eating out to save money, pack picnics for trips away from your accommodation.
  • Discover the joys of free nature trails and organise treasure hunts. Try a night safari in the countryside and be amazed at how much wildlife you can spot. Take sports equipment with you such as rounders bats and balls or cricket to keep the children amused. Expensive theme parks eat money, and most of the time during school holidays you will be paying to queue.



Make your trip to Cornwall pay for itself or help reduce costs

If you are a good photographer, take as many photographs of scenery in Cornwall as you can and upload them to an online image gallery to sell on your return. You will earn each time someone downloads one of your photographs.

There are other options available for a cheap holiday to Cornwall, take a look at our suggestions below.


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