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Self catering breaks

Rent a holiday cottage, apartment, chalet, log cabin or house.

holiday parks

Holiday parks

Holiday accommodation with leisure facilities, shops and other amenities and entertainment.


Traditionally the cheapest most basic form of holiday accommodation. Kids love it .

Camper van holidays
camper van holidays

For many of us, a camper van holiday is the ultimate dream getaway.

Imagine the freedom of exploring at leisure, travelling from one amazing destination to another, at home or abroad. Your bed is always at hand, tea or coffee as you like it and every essential for holiday living in the modern camper van.

Camper van holidays are extremely popular in the US and Canada and growing in popularity in Europe. Strap bicycles on the back for the family to sightsee conveniently at your destination and the freedom of the road is yours.

Park the camper van overnight or for longer stays in a camp site so that you have access to power and all utilities. Sites also provide security for when you're out sightseeing or on the beach. Additional facilities may be barbeques, laundry rooms, a garden with seating and on-site shops.

holiday rented camper vanOne of the really nice things about a camper van holiday is the ability to pull into a lay-by to appreciate a beautiful view or to pop into town to stock up at a local market and supermarket.

A camper van offers freedom, flexibility and convenience. You are master of your own domain on holiday.

Calculate the price of hotel bills and the extra costs of snacks and drinks and the total price soon mounts up. The cost of camper van hire is offset by the saving you make in hotel rooms and eating out.

A camper van holiday provides big savings when holidaying anywhere with the Euro as currency simply because the cost of eating out is prohibitively expensive compared with the purchase costs of fresh foods.

The purchase price of a camper van may be costly and most people simply hire one for the duration of their holiday and have no worries about maintenance, insurance or storage. It is the ideal holiday experience for anyone who enjoys driving and likes to explore a holiday destination fully.

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